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Jazmyn Annecia

Publisher's Description

Gemma Correll - Illustrated MugView larger Artist Gemma Correll - Illustrated Ceramic Mug Tired of the same old boring coffee mug you drink from every morning? Spice things up with your own unique, illustrated ceramic mug. Make a bunch to give as gifts…or keep them all to yourself. Step One: Decide what you're going to draw on the mug. .. A witty and hilarious sloganYour star signA coffee-related punI'm going to draw a cat with lots of legs because…well, why not? Gemma Correll - Illustrated MugView larger Step Two & Three: Design & Draw Draw your design out on paper first. You can also pencil the design out on the mug, if you feel like it. Start drawing your design on the mug. Don't worry if you make a mistake--just wipe it clean with a wet wipe while the paint is still wet. (Make sure it's dry before you continue drawing. ) Start on the opposite side to your drawing hand so that you don't smudge your artwork as you go around the mug. Step Four: Make Your Mug Dishwasher Safe If you used paint pens, you can make your mug dishwasher safe by baking it in the oven for 45 minutes at 350f/180c (or whatever your paint pen packaging tells you to do).


niny512 · McMinnville, Oregon, US · 33 projects
What an awesome book! I love Pinterest!!!