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Our Review

There are so many different things you can make with paper and Papercraft, by Marie Claire has over 50 designs that will have you folding, cutting, sticking and weaving like an expert.

Including crafts for a variety of occasions, there are many beautiful and innovative ideas that you can make at home, such as Stationery Bags for organizing all of your crafty bits and pieces, cut outs for Festive Windows, and decoupage boxes covered in money, which are a great way to use up foreign change when you come back from holiday.

I particularly liked the lights section, which included tutorials for gorgeous Newsprint Lanterns and a papercraft Candelabra. This book will help you discover a new world of possibilities and give paper a whole other dimension.

You can pick up a copy of the book from Quadrille now.

Publisher's Description

A source of infinite inspiration, paper can be used to make so many different things. It can be folded, cut, pasted, painted, punched, stencilled, stitched, woven, quilled or embossed - and, of course, it's the basis of many other popular craft techniques such as papier mache, decoupage and origami. Not to mention paper and card are inexpensive and are available in all sorts of different forms, from tissue paper, newspaper and plain white printer paper to wallpaper, corrugated card and thick cardboard packaging. You can even use stamps, stickers, paper doilies, rice paper and aluminium foil, and in this book there are cuttings and collages for an amazing creation on every page.Whether you want to decorate your home for the holidays, or simply wrap a special gift, you're sure to find inspiration here. Most of the projects featured in this collection are simple to produce, and some can be made in just a few minutes. All are beautifully photographed and include detailed instructions explaining how to create them. Whether using little sheets of colourfully printed paper or huge blank expanses, papier mache or silk paper, all the designs have straightforward instructions yet will produce projects that are both aesthetically pleasing and useful: a window adornment for the festive season, an elegant menu, a pretty paper lantern, coordinated candle holders, beautiful wrapping paper, unique stationery for sending best wishes'...paper for every occasion on every page.