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Meet the Author

Hey there, can you introduce yourself?

Hello, I am a papercrafter living in Suffolk near the sea on the East Coast of England. I enjoy all forms of papercraft, especially paper folding and paper quilling. For the past 15 years I have contributed projects to Crafts Beautiful magazine and I have been lucky enough to have written several papercraft books. I also work part time with adults with physical and learning difficulties - this is very rewarding work and I really like the craft sessions which are always messy and great fun!
I try to blog as much as possible to share my work

Tell us a bit about the book?

The book contains 21 projects for making folded flowers. There are many different techniques used to make the flowers for a range of shapes and effects. I like to design projects that are achievable for the beginner but also inspire those with more papercraft experience. I also like to use papers and items that are readily available so that readers can get straight on to creating flowers.

What was the inspiration behind it?

Paper folding is one of my favourite techniques and I have made alot of flowers over the years so it made sense to put it all together in one book!

Which is your favourite project?

Of course I like all of them !! but the upcycled book flower is one of my favourites as it uses pages from an old book and the effect is always very pretty.

What is your craft space like?

My craft space is always a mess but that never worries me now. I work in a spare room that has everything I need and I can close the door, put the radio or music on and enjoy a relaxing session crafting. Very occasionally I try to tidy up but I get side tracked and give up. For me crafty paper mess helps my creativity (or so I tell people!).

Have you always been creative?

In many ways yes I have always been creative and I think all of us are creative in various forms and not just art and craft, activities such as cooking and gardening are also creative.

When did you first start crafting?

I have to thank my Mum for my early introduction to crafts such as knitting and sewing as I grew up. I made a sewn caterpillar for my Brownie badge when I was very young. But I discovered paper quilling in about 1998 and my papercrafting took off from there. Once I got the hang of teabag folding (not using real teabags!) I was addicted to folding paper and that hasn't stopped at all. I like paper cutting aswell but the combination of different techniques allows us to make unique cards and gifts. There is always plenty to learn and try out!

Who are your crafty heroes?

There are many crafty heroes that inspired me in the past and many new inspirational crafters that share their work on Pinterest and Instagram. An author called Tiny van der plas inspired my paperfolding.

Where do you find inspiration?

Living by the sea inspiration is all around and I have just returned from holiday where the bright colours of the fabrics and lush landscapes will definitely inspire me. We tend to fall in to our comfort colours and use the same tones so it is good to gather new ideas from many sources to inspire new colour combinations and take our crafting in a new direction.

What's next for you?

The magazines are almost starting on Christmas projects! With schedules and deadlines designers are always working about 4 months ahead and I generally am making festive Christmas cards on the hottest day of the year!

Publisher's Description

Paper Folded Flowers are a beautiful, effective way of embellishing gift bags and greeting cards, or creating a bouquet of blooms that will last a lifetime.

Through clear step-by-step instructions, Elizabeth Moad introduces and applies simple folding techniques to create a variety of paper and card creations for any occasion. Whether you’re folding floral pinwheel napkin rings for everyday use, or a garland for a party; no project is exactly the same, but you will soon build up a repertoire of folding skills and a veritable bouquet of paper flowers!

There are twenty-one projects to try at varying levels of difficulty; you will soon be inspired to turn any sheet of paper into a masterpiece worthy of a vase or a picture frame!


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