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Sample Projects

Ginkgo Leaf Lampshade

Ginkgo Leaf Lampshade

Spruce up an old lamp with this Ginkgo Leaf Lampshade.

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Our Review

The title Paper Cuts may bring up bad connotations of sore fingers and painful little cuts, but this book by Taylor Hagerty will teach you how to make a collection of decorative paper art pieces.

Including 35 inventive projects, this book will teach you everything you need to know about paper-cutting. Cut out some Tea Party Placemats, an intricate Alice In Wonderland themed Tea Party Centerpiece, gorgeous Flower & Butterfly Cards, some Initial Gift Tags, handy Feathered Friend Treat cones and a fantastic Ginkgo Leaf Lampshade.

Snip and slice yourself some delicate and intricate decorations and accessories.

Check out a sample project from the book, Ginkgo Leaf Lampshade.

You can pick up a copy of the book now from The GMC Group.

Publisher's Description

This modern approach to the age-old art will dazzle crafters of all skill levels.
Long a folk-art tradition in cultures the world over, paper cutting has become the new darling of the fashion and design worlds. Paper Cuts hops on the trend, drawing on a variety of cultures, bringing together today’s top artists. The result is a collection of 35 smart, fresh, and contemporary projects for crafters, including party ware, centerpieces, ornaments, cards, and more.