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J. Pario

Sample Projects

Olga And Pedro

Olga And Pedro

Feeling blue? Olga and Pedro will fix that. These pint-sized pugs will cheer you right up, so take them wherever you go!

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Hamster greets the world with a mischievous smile.

♥ 126


Fawn is a little princess with her opulent fur collar. She is accented with synthetic leather and polka-dotted cotton.

♥ 121

Publisher's Description

Packed with more than 40 unique, adorable projects, Palm-Size Softies shows you how easy it is to create some of the most stylish stuffed toys around. Full-color images provide a panoramic view of each critter, and the step-by-step instructions and included templates will make construction of your new friends effortless and quick. Whether you’re searching for a loveable little pup, kitten, bunny, or bear, you’ll find a fun, fast, low-cost craft project that the whole family will enjoy. Easy-to-find materials and distinctive fabrics will give your projects personalities all their own.


Gibran Isaacs
Gibran Isaacs · Murrieta, California, US · 1 project
I have this book. It's great, tons of patterns that allow you to practice more 3D plushies that aren't square or funky shaped.