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Blue And Copper Plates
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Blue And Copper Plates

Painting On Pottery

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Publisher's Description

Take plain pottery and make it your own with inspiration from these beautiful modern designs - using a home oven!Transform plain white pottery into exciting, colorful and contemporary pieces for the home - at home! You don't need pottery classes, or even a kiln to glaze your creations - you can make gorgeous items quickly and easily by painting your creations and baking them in a domestic oven.With 22 colorful projects to make, there are plates, bowls, cups and pots, vases, a lamp - and even earrings and a necklace. With simple techniques to follow, all explained in clear and simple terms, you just need a few brushes, some ceramic paints and some plain pottery and away you go! If you love painted ceramics, patterns and making little gifts - this book is for you!