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Our Review

As personalised and creative as can be, Painted Papers by Alisha Golden, will teach you how to decorate paper and use the sheets to create a range of wonderful projects.

The book included step-by-step tutorials for creating a variety of effects on plain paper. Learn how to dye, create paint washes, stencil, stamp, marble and create repeating patterns. Once your paper is ready, you an choose from a dozen eye-catching projects to make, including origami envelopes, a selection of bound books, a paper slipcase and a decorative box.

Get even more creative with your crafting and start from scratch, turning plain paper in to wonderful art.

Check out a sample project from the book Woven Accordion Book. You can pick up a copy of the book from The GMC Group now.

Publisher's Description

Crafters will love creating decorated paper, as beautiful as any found in art shops, with this stunning book. It contains a treasury of ideas that includes a selection of 9 projects. These techniques will work on any paper surface, from artist books and journals to greeting cards, collages and more. Create decorated paper as beautiful as any found in an art store and with more distinctive and personal patterns, too. Alisa Golden's methods of applying inks and paints to paper can dramatically alter the appearance of finished works. From artist books and journals to greeting cards, collages and more, these techniques work on any paper surface and give numerous new skills to the crafter. Create dramatic effects using gesso, acrylic inks, watercolour paints, stamps, stencils and more. From basic patterning to paste paper frottage, plus a selection of nine projects, this book is a treasury of ideas.