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Being a crafter you acquire a lot of supplies, and Ask the masters! Organizing Your Scrapbook Supplies is a book filled with ideas for getting all of those bits and pieces organized.

The book explores the workshops of a number of scrapbook artists to discover the ways in which they store and organize their supplies. As well as ideas for scrapbookers, there are lots of ideas that general crafters can use too - store your stickers neatly in a ring binger, wrap your ribbons around playing cards and colour coordinate your paper using individual boxes. There are even ideas for crafting on the go, organizing digital supplies, and tips for creating beautiful scrapbook pages.

Filled with neat storage inspiration and real life practical solutions, this book is a must have for anyone who hoards creative clutter.

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Publisher's Description

Give Your Creativity Room to Play!

When scrapbook supplies start to overtake your workspace, know that you're not alone. Just ask the Masters! In Organizing Your Scrapbook Supplies, the Memory Makers Masters have joined forces to help you make the most of your space—and your stash.

Whether you have a designated scrap room or a coveted seat at the kitchen table, getting organized will make you more efficient, more productive and even more creative. Learn to:

  • Create a storage system that works for you regardless of the size of your space.
  • Organize everything from runaway rub-ons to tangled ribbon to neglected digital photo files.
  • Craft innovative and affordable space savers, such as repurposing hanging shoe holders for your chipboard alphabet, tackle boxes for your brads, and spice racks for your prettiest stamps.
  • Be ready to crop on the go at a moment's notice.

With sidebars full of bonus tips and a gallery of layouts from the Masters, Organizing Your Scrapbook Supplies will have you bursting with inspiration. Get organized like a Master and soon you'll be feeling like one, too!