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Publisher's Description

Vickie Howell—host of the DIY Network’s popular Knitty Gritty, cohost of Styleicious, and author of New Knits on the Block—shows teens of all types just how cool knitting can be!


One glance at this fun volume (cleverly designed to look like a high school yearbook) will have every teen, from preppies to punks, grabbing for their knitting needles. That’s because Vickie Howell has created something to appeal to every last one of them, whether they’re in the drama club (theater mask hats), celebrating their first car (steering wheel, headrest, and seatbelt cozies), or heading for the track meet (athletic socks). Each hip, urban-styled project represents a different group, event, milestone, or interest; taken as a whole, they truly capture the diversity of the high school experience. Plus, Howell offers “Knitting 101” for beginners, and ranks the projects by difficulty, from “Freshman” for the simplest to “Varsity” for those who enjoy a challenge.  With her help, every young knitter will make the grade!