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A book for drawing, creating and dreaming, My Wonderful World Of Fashion by Nina Chakrabarti is the perfect accessory for any creative fashionista.

Part colouring book, part fashion illustrating sketchbook and part inspiration scribble book, this title is sure to get your creative juices flowing. Sketch out ideas for customising clothes, painting your nails, designing t-shirts, creating make-up looks and drawing hats. The book also includes simple tutorials on how-to sew, customize and embellish to turn your dreams in to a reality.


Don't be afraid to tap in to your inner child's creativity and step in to your own wonderful world of fashion.


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Publisher's Description

An interactive coloring book for fashionistas of all ages, My Wonderful World of Fashion is packed withbeautiful and sophisticated illustrations specially created by the leading fashion-illustrator Nina Chakrabarti.

The book encourages creativity, with illustrations to color in and designs to finish off, as well as simple ideas for making and doing (how to make a sari, turn a napkin into a headscarf, dye a T-shirt, and so on). Covering clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, and other accessories, the illustrations span both vintage fashionsdrawing on beautiful and interesting objects from past agesand contemporary designs from the illustrator's own imagination.

'Did you know...?' features that give brief historical notes encourage children to be inspired by history and by other cultures. A wonderful celebration of fashion, the book will appeal to fashion addicts from 8 years plus.