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Offering an inside look at the pages of dozens of artist's scrapbooks and journals, Katherine Duncan Aimone's Mixed-Media Journals aims to help you creatively chronicle your life.

Taking a no-holds-barred approach to scrapbooking, explore the art of visual storytelling and learn how to create a journal of your life, using a wide range of materials including flowers, photographs, craft supplies, ribbons, paper, trinkets, embellishments and found objects. The book contains dozens of examples and tutorials, including a house shaped book with photos of the artist's first home, a dictionary turned into a scrapbook that's filled with clippings from the artist's college days and a Dios De La Muerte memory box.

Create yourself a journal that's stylish, unique and personalized for you and your family to treasure for years to come.

Check out a sample project from the book, Girl's Fantasy Journal.

You can pick up a copy of the book from GMC Publications now.

Publisher's Description

Crafters know: special memories deserve an equally special showcase, and sometimes commercially available blank books won’t do. That’s why they’ll turn to these 25 inventive projects for new and expressive ways to preserve treasured moments and mementoes.

Create a quirky album from bound-together record covers decorated with personal photos; slip precious keepsakes inside the sleeves. Transform a house-shaped board book into a visual gallery of all the places you’ve called home. Remember good food times?in a little volume made from recipe cards and vintage thrift-store cookbooks. Each one is as unique as the life it celebrates!