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You don't have to be a rich girl to have fabulous accessories because with Eithne Farry's new book Lovely Things To Make for Girls of Slender Means you can learn how to make your own.

Having a small budget doesn't mean you have to go without, turn to your creativity to recycle and revamp what you already own. The book will teach you all the basic crafts you need to know and provides inspiration for dozens of wonderful projects suitable for every season of the year. Make some Origami Earrings, a Ping-Pong Ball Necklace and Square Lavender Bags in spring; a Sun Hat, Reversible Beach Bag, Sunglasses Case and Beach Bunting for the summer; Pom-Pom Garters, a Bellboy Hat, Flowered Capelet and a Telly Bag Charm for autumn; and finally Reversible Mittens, Giant Bows and Ear Muffs to get you through the winter.

Always be in season and bang on trend with DIY fashion that will ensure you're never caught in the same outfit as someone else.

You can pick up a copy of the book from Orion Books now »

Publisher's Description

Learn how to make gorgeous clothes with little money, minimum equipment, and simple sewing skills-all from the clothes in your closet and foraged fabrics! This stylish, season-by-season guide uses simple techniques to help you create a variety of fresh wardrobe options, from a wintry patchwork poncho to a sailor chic. There's even a section on clothes repair and creative darning and patchwork so you can hold on to those fashion favorites.