Publisher's Description

Anyone who's ever picked up a set of needles thinks about knitting a pair of socks.

Continuing Storey's popular die-cut Knit! series, Knit Socks! offers 15 one-of-a-kind patterns that keep feet toasty warm while making a cool fashion statement. Betsy McCarthy--a nationally renowned knitting teacher and designer of simple, innovative knitwear patterns--recommends which types of yarn to use (wool and wool blends hold the sock's shape best), and discusses the types of needles suitable for knitters of varying levels of skill (wooden or bamboo for beginners who knit more slowly, metal for speedy, experienced knitters). And McCarthy's tips on working "in the round" using five needles will benefit even people who have knitted for years.

The friendly, step-by-step instructions and color-coded charts make Knit Socks! perfect for knitters of all skill levels.