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Publisher's Description

A fun and accessible guide for children to use on their own or with adults, Kids in the Garden encourages children to learn about gardening, healthy eating and caring for the environment. Instructions are easy to follow and step-by-step, with bright photography and fun illustrations. Aimed at children aged five upwards with adult supervision, then for older children up to 11 to complete on their own.

This fully illustrated book features more than 50 projects with full instructions on the materials needed, companion plants, saving resources, harvesting seasons, seeds, the water cycle and indoor gardens. There is also a section on wildlife, showing how to encourage animals into your garden, as well as how to make a mini pond, birdhouses, pest patrol, building a wormery, rescuing bees and ladybirds, and much more.

The plants and vegetables included are potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkins, peppers, herbs, strawberries, blueberries, sunflowers and many more. Easy recipes for children to make with their fresh produce include; one pot jam, minty fizz and easy pizza sauce.

Kids in the Garden is written in an enthusiastic, conversational tone and illustrated with interesting, engaging and informative photographs and child-friendly drawings. It uses a key with fun symbols throughout to make the instructions as easy to follow as possible for the children. This book is a fun and engaging way to encourage children into healthy eating, sustainability and money saving without them even realizing.

Kids in the Garden was awarded the 2011 Gelett Burgess Children's Book Honor.