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Publisher's Description

2nd Edition

The books examples are verified to work with jQuery 1.10.1 and 2.0.2 .

jQuery is a JavaScript API that makes it easy to make your HTML pages come to life. In other words, jQuery makes it easy to modify HTML elements while the page is displayed in the browser. You can show / hide elements, create / remove elements, change CSS classes and properties, react to mouse and keyboard events, use AJAX etc.

"jQuery Compressed" teaches web developers how to use jQuery. The book is targeted at somewhat experienced developers, who already know what HTML, the DOM and JavaScript is. Therefore this book will get you up to speed faster than any other book out there.

Table of Contents

- Introduction (updated, 2nd ed.)
- Overview
- Installation
- The $(document).ready() Event
- The $() and the jQuery() Function
- Selecting Elements
- Traversing Elements
- CSS Manipulation
- DOM Manipulation
- Attaching Data to DOM Elements
- Events
- Effects
- AJAX (updated, 2nd ed.)
- Plugins
- jQuery UI
- Zebra Striping Tables (new, 2nd ed.)
- Form Handling with AJAX
- Modal Dialogs (new, 2nd ed.)
- Generating a Table of Contents
- Creating an Expandable Tree
- Generating a Data Grid Table

Note: The chapter on jQuery UI does not actually describe how to use jQuery UI. It only tells the reader that the framework exists, and where to read more. jQuery UI is an extensive topic and can take up a book in itself.

Second edition of this book contains new content in

- Introduction (updated)
- AJAX (updated)
- Zebra Striping Tables (new)
- Modial Dialogs (new)