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Meet the Author

Hey there, can you introduce yourself?

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My name is Jean Haines and I am happy to say I am a watercolour addict. I have been painting from the minute I was old enough to hold a paintbrush and paint daily. I teach watercolour in many countries meeting fabulous people of all ages and all skill levels on my courses. I have written several books on the subject and filmed several DVDs also. I am passionate about the magic of the medium and love sharing the joy I feel when creating.

Tell us a bit about the book?

"Paint Yourself Calm" is a very special book. It appeals to readers who both paint and to those who do not. This is a book to read and enjoy. The text is as encouraging as are the images. The very simple step by step projects included guide the reader into painting for the sensation gained by creating rather than the finished results. This book is not at all about painting pictures to hang in frames. It is about using art to chnage our moods and lift our spirits. I have recieved many wonderful messages from readesr who have found this new book so helpful to their daily routine particularly if they have needed to de stress or simply are looking for a new way to relax.

What was the inspiration behind it?

The idea for this book was born from my previous books on watercolour and from my popular watercolour workshops. I have a unique way of teaching and writing. People tell me I help them relax by my teaching methods on my art courses and by my writing style. "Paint Yourself Calm" was an almost natural progression from my last books but this time using the creativity to uwind rather than achieve goals of completed paintings.The sole aim is to relax whilst painting.

Which is your favourite project?

I like all the projects in the book as they are all so pleasing. But the waterfall technique of simply watching colour flow I can do in my mind when travelling or trying to sleep. I can close my eyes and envisage blue pigment flowing across paper and the feeling is so peaceful that it is impossible to stay awake for long or feel stressed!

What is your craft space like?

I have my own studio. In the garden of our country cottage. It is my haven. Somewhere I can escape to and enjoy being in. It has a gallery where I hang finished paintings, space to create new work and many, many tubes of exciting colour to play with. I adore being there. I can see the flowers in my garden outside through all seasons and watch wildlife as it visits. It is in a very peaceful setting and know I am very lucky to create here.

Have you always been creative?

Yes. From childhood I have always loved painting and creating things. I love photography and gardening too. And I am a home maker. I also love cooking and enjoy making things from produce I have found in the hedgerows around our home. Jams, chutneys, you name it I make it!

When did you first start crafting?

I started painting as a child, but the most memorable first painting I created was of a cat that won an award at the school Eisteddfod. I am from Wales and to win the first prize for me was such a big thing. I was over the moon.

Who are your crafty heroes?

Oh I have so many! I love the work of Blanche Odin. I came across her book about watercolour when I lived in France and was so impressed. And utterly inspired. She has led me to wanting to paint flowers so that my work will touch the hearts of those who see my finished paintings in they way this lady affected how I thought about painting. Absolutely inspirational.

Where do you find inspiration?

Nature. I honestly believe that nature is our best teacher. We can walk in silence or sit and admire the views surrounding us,listening to birdsong. witnessing colour combinations and shapes throughout the year. It is very hard not to be inspired by nature. It is always beautiful whatever time of year it is.

What's next for you?

A new book! Within an authors heart there is always a new book that will be far better than their last book. I put my heart and soul into my writing. It brings me pleasure to create and I want others to feel that joy too.Our lives are far richer when we give. And by giving away all the tips that have been given to me and brought me joy over the years I hope to do just that, Make others happy.

Publisher's Description

Meditative, peaceful and calming, watercolour painting offers a sense of control and self-worth to everyone, with no judgement or goal beyond the joy of painting itself. This book shows you how to calm and enhance your outlook through the movement of brush on paper.

Master artist Jean Haines leads you on a journey through paint, showing you how to wipe away your worries with the soothing, gentle strokes of watercolour paint.