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Publisher's Description

A revolution in the garden—a completely new range of fruit and vegetables to grow and eat, from the author of Grow Your Own Drugs

Whether it's a window box of homegrown saffron, your very own kiwi vine, or a mini green tea plantation on your patio, botanist James Wong proves that "growing your own" can be so much more exciting than just spuds and sprouts. He reveals the vast array of 21st-century crops that will flourish outdoors, even in blustery climates, no greenhouse necessary—all tested in his small garden. From goji berries to sweet potatoes, edamame to wasabi, this revolutionary approach to edible gardening will show readers how to grow, cook, and eat all manner of superfood crops that are just as easy (if not easier) and far more exciting to grow than the traditional crops. Inspiring, fun, and full of plant know-how, this book is set to revolutionize the whole concept of "growing your own" for newbie growers to seasoned veterans alike. You'll never look at your garden the same way again. Includes metric measures.