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Publisher's Description

Clothing and accessories with style and flair for young women to knit and wear.

Maybe you’ve already mastered scarves and are bored with them, or maybe you’ve never knitted before but are drawn to the trendy knitted fashions you’re seeing on the runways and in your favorite stores. If all the knitting books you’ve picked up seem like they’re written for the likes of your Great Aunt Mabel rather than for you and your hipper crowd, It Girl Knits is your new best friend—and fashion consultant.

Created by 16-year-old “It Girl” Phoenix Bess, the 30 projects presented here were all designed with a youthful philosophy—and are pieces that Bess actually wears. A Baby Doll Top, Shortie Jacket, Fingerless Gloves, Beaded Bandana, Capri Leggings, Gold Halter Top, Tiny Shorts—all are easy to knit but make big statements. Every project adheres to the Bess design principles: the use of fibers that create a great fit and are soft to the touch (like bamboo, silk, and cotton yarns), and clean, classic lines with an edgy twist (often via fun embellishments like beads, crystals, and felt).

Most of the patterns are for beginners and knitted in the round (so less tough stuff like purling, seaming, and finishing), and include instructions for adjusting hemlines, inseams, and waistlines to get the perfect fit for any body type. Divided into four chapters—Working, Relaxing, Recreating, and Celebrating—It Girl Knits even features a color chart to help you mix and match yarns (i.e., Lavender + Baby Pink = cuteness), and sidebars on how to add optional designer details and put together an outfit that best shows off your newly-knitted treasure.

Whether you’re hanging out at a café with friends, going to the beach, or dancing the night away, you’ll find a cool piece to knit that is sure to make you the “It Girl” of the day or night.