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Meet the Author

Hey there, can you introduce yourself?

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I am Isa Chandra Moskowitz, vegan cookbook author, birdwatcher and maybe a little bit of a cat lady.

Tell us a bit about the book?

It started out as a cooking show in Brooklyn a decade ago, now it's my site full of delicious vegan recipes that use (for the most part) accessible ingredients in creative ways.

What was the inspiration behind it?

I really wanted an every day cookbook that was big and beautiful. Being from NYC originally, my move to Omaha Nebraska changed the way I cook. I started cooking a lot more, for one. I've always cooked a lot obviously, but I definitely ordered in a lot, too. I got a lot better at keeping my pantry stocked and streamlining my ingredients. And this Isa Does It was born!

Which is your favourite project?

That is so tough! Honestly, I made over 300 recipes for the book and less than 200 made it in. So really, there is no fluff in here, they are all solid recipes that my recipe testers and myself absolutely loved. That said, I find myself making that Roasted Red Pepper Mac & Cheese an awful lot.

What is your craft space like?

My kitchen is nothing fancy, but I've got all the necessities and I nice big window that looks out to my little garden, which is so important. It's got purple walls and gray tile. It's very cozy and me. I have a little writing nook in there, but I mostly end up writing in my dining room, surrounded by cookbooks.

Have you always been creative?

I like to think so! When I was a little girl, I didn't have many dolls or toys, so I would draw girls and give them stories and play with the drawings as if they were dolls. Ha, that sounds kind of sad when I write it out. But it was very DIY and fun for me.

When did you first start crafting?

The first thing I remember making was French toast when I was 11 or 12. But I didn't really start cooking until I went vegetarian at 15. I think the first thing I ever made was scrambled tofu!

Who are your crafty heroes?

I am a huge Nigella fan. How To Be A Domestic Goddess is what made me want to write cookbooks. I also love Julia Child and her whole spirit. I want to do for vegan food in America what she did for French food! And lastly, I love Morimoto. He's just a genius.

Where do you find inspiration?

Absolutely everywhere. The farmer's market, magazines, old cookbooks (and new cookbooks for that matter), my friends, my cravings, and sometimes even just in my pantry. Oh and music always helps!

What's next for you?

I'm opening a restaurant! Scary but you gotta' follow your dreams.

Publisher's Description

Recipes, tips, and strategies for easy, delicious vegan meals every day of the week, from America's bestselling vegan cookbook author.

How does Isa Chandra Moskowitz make flavorful and satisfying vegan meals from scratch every day, often in 30 minutes or less? It's easy! In ISA DOES IT, the beloved cookbook author shares 150 new recipes to make weeknight cooking a snap. Mouthwatering recipes like Sweet Potato Red Curry with Rice and Purple Kale, Bistro Beet Burgers, and Summer Seitan Saute with Cilantro and Lime illustrate how simple and satisfying meat-free food can be.

The recipes are supermarket friendly and respect how busy most readers are. From skilled vegan chefs, to those new to the vegan pantry, or just cooks looking for some fresh ideas, Isa's unfussy recipes and quirky commentary will make everyone's time in the kitchen fun and productive.