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New York City is famous for it's tall buildings, bright lights and fast paced lifestyle. I Lego N.Y. by Christoph Niemann illustrates life in the city with everyone's favorite building blocks, Lego!

Using simple Lego blocks to represent elements such as a famous Nathan's hot dog, Donald Trump's hair, yellow taxi cabs and the congestion at Holland Tunnel, this photo book is both charming and witty.

A great gift for any New Yorker or anyone who has ever wanted to visit, see this iconic city brick by brick.

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Publisher's Description

I LEGO N.Y. is an imaginative look at life in New York City constructed entirely out of LEGOs. Designer and illustrator Christoph Niemann was inspired to create a series of miniature New York vignettes out of his sons' toys after a few cold and dark winter days in Berlin. The former New Yorker then posted photographs of his creations along with his handwritten captions on his New York Times blog. Resident and honorary New Yorkers around the world responded enthusiastically to the clever and minimalist inventions, which captured both the iconic (the Empire State Building) and the mundane (man standing on a subway platform) in fewer LEGO pieces than one might think possible. This book includes all of the original images, plus thirteen new creations. The resulting collection is delightful in its simplicity and moving in its ability to cature the spirit of life in New York in so few strokes.