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Meet the Author

Hey there, can you introduce yourself?

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Charlotte: Hi I'm Charlotte and I am the co-author of Handmade Glamping. I'm a textile designer/maker and tutor living and working in the North East of England. I have worked in the industry for almost 8 years now since graduating with a degree in Textile Crafts from the University of Huddersfield. I work as a part-time lecturer in fashion and textiles as well as running my own business where i deliver craft workshops, write craft books and design projects for some of the idustry's publications.

Lucy: Hello, I am Lucy the other co-author of Handmade Glamping. I am a Product Developer for a children’s art and crafts company in London by day and an obsessive crafter at night! I did a degree in Textile Crafts at The University of Huddersfield, specialising in Woven Textiles and graduated from there with a first in 2005. I love all crafts from sewing, knitting, crochet etc. I like to take part in craft fairs and markets where I sell my fabric animals, bunting, felt badges and so on as well as writing books and my day job.

Tell us a bit about the book?

Charlotte: Handmade Glamping is a beautiful hard back book featuring 35 knitted, crocheted, sewn and embroidered projects that would make any caravan, campervan or tent look truely glamorous.

Lucy: It combines simple projects with more complex ones so suits all levels of crafter. Its an inspirational book and very beautifully put together by the stylists and publishers at Cico. We love textured hardback cover and it looks fab on the coffee table!

What was the inspiration behind it?

Charlotte: Lucy and I first met at university and shortly after graduating we both has this idea to re-vamp a quirky caravan and tour it around with out work in it. Life kind of took over and we went travelling abroad then got mortgages, 9-5 jobs, boyfriends etc and it just didn't really happen. Last spring we were delivering workshops together again at the Sewing for Pleasure show when we decided that we really should do more work together .We chatted about the idea again and agreed that we should approach Cico (the publishers) with a book proposal.They loved the idea and it all went on from there!

Lucy: Charlotte has summed it all up really. Camping or ‘Glamping’ has become much more popular over the last few years with the recession squeezing the nation’s pocket strings that people are keen to get away from the stress of everyday life and a weekend in the country really helps. The great thing about crafting for a caravan or tent is that it is make believe and you can let you imagination run wild!

Which is your favourite project?

Charlotte: I was really pleased with the Cross Stitch Caravan picture and I love Lucy's Crochet Trimming but I have a spcial connection with the deck chair project as I had just finsihed the project the day that I went into labour with my baby boy! I was determined to finish it ( even thought my bump was so big that I could hardly reach the sewing machine!) and about half an hour after it was complete I started with contractions so it will always be a bit special to me.

Lucy: Ooh I have so many! I love the simplicity of the upcycled plates (my boyfriend even confessed he liked them, praise indeed!) and I was so pleased to complete an entire crochet blanket, this has always been an ambition of mine but I always seem to get distracted with another project! I love Charlotte’s caravan cross stitch picture and obviously the deck chair has special meaning to us. I will never forget the picture message I received of the finished deckchair with a ‘PS – I’ve started having contractions’! Such an exciting day!

What is your craft space like?

Charlotte : It is usually a complete mess! I work in orgsniaed chaos- when i have an idea I just have to go with it and keep sewing until its complete even if everything is total choas around me!

Lucy: I have to confess that as we live in a small flat in London, my crafting space is a corner of the living room! My boxes of materials are all stacked up on top of my wardrobes and under the bed. Charlotte however has the most beautiful studio in her garden.... One day...!!!

Have you always been creative?

Charlotte: Yes I have always loved making things. When I was a little girl I would always get kits to make things. I remember having fimo and jewellery making kits and I would taken them everywhere - even on holidays with us!

Lucy: Oh definitely, my mum, auntie and Granny are all very creative so it has just been something I grew up with. I cant bear not having a project on the go, I feel like my hand are empty if I am not making something!
My Granny lived in an amazing converted barn when I was growing up and she had a sewing room. That room was filled to bursting with fabrics, trims, thread, buttons and so on and we were allowed to make whatever we wanted with it all. We would knock on her front door and pretend to be visiting tradespeople selling our sewing skills and offer to make her shoes and clothes! My Mum was also doing a City and Guilds in Embroidery and always let us join in with her arts and crafts!

When did you first start crafting?


Who are your crafty heroes?

Charlotte: I love Cath Kidston and her vintage floral influence. I think Kirsty Allsop has done a good job in bringing craft back into fashion and we are now seeing lots more sewing and craft programmes such as the 'Great British Sewing Bee' which has just been on T.V. I have really enjoyed watching it and I just hope that it will spur people on to get their sewing machines out and starting macking again!

Lucy: I love reading the blogs of Lucy at Attic24, Tif at Dotty Angel and Emma Lamb. Like Charlotte, I think its great Kirsty Allsopp and The Great British Sewing Bee are highlighting that craft is back in fashion and inspiring people to get crafting.

Where do you find inspiration?

Charlotte: I am often inspired by my travels- I love buying fabricm baeds and trims when i'm on holiday. You can always find something a bit differnt! I also love a bit of vintage so I take alot of inspiration from vintage patterns and fabrics.

Lucy: Pinterest, Etsy, blogs continue to be great inspiration for me as well as trips to galleries, exhibitions and vintage markets.

What's next for you?

Charlotte: We have just complted a teen craft book for CICO which will go on sale in the autumn and I've just started work on another book based showing ideas to customise your shoes- so watch this space!

Lucy: I have just finished working on some projects for Charlotte’s next book and working on some projects for a new book of my own, that is still early days yet so cant reveal anything I’m afraid! I have also just bought my first flat with my boyfriend a few months ago so making lots of lovely home furnishings for that too!

Publisher's Description

Decorate your tent, tipi, caravan or camper van with any of the 35 stunning projects in Handmade Glamping. Using a variety of crafting techniques including knitting, crochet, quilting, embroidery, patchwork and applique, Charlotte Liddle and Lucy Hopping have created a wonderful range of accessories that will bring retro charm to your idyllic country getaway. Whether you fancy a quiet retreat to secluded beaches or are off to live it up at the summer festivals, you will find something to make your home away from home look stunning and feel cosy and comfortable. Divided into four chapters, start with Recycling and Repurposing and make the embroidered curtains using vintage fabrics or the hexagonal patchwork scatter cushions to put on the camp bed. In Campfire Cooking there is everything you'll need for a romantic meal under the stars, including decorated plates, quilted placemats and a picnic bag. Pretty Decorations has crocheted bunting to hang outside, a cute cross-stitch picture to hang inside, and pretty storage ideas for small spaces that recycle jam jars and other household items. Finally, Outdoor Living comes with ideas for candle holders, a tent tidy, wind break and even a reupholstered deck chair.