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Publisher's Description

The eclectic look is home decor's hottest trend, but flea market shopping has become a national obsession, making it difficult to find real bargains. BJ Berti reveals how easy it is to get the look for less by giving new life to inexpensive castoffs and finding unusual ways to make the most out of ordinary pieces.

A flea market veteran, BJ is a pro at reimagining the wobbly end table as a vehicle for vibrant color and seeing beyond a coating of ugly paint or covering of faded fabric. In Flea Market Makeovers, she reveals secrets for spotting diamonds in the rough at local flea markets, neighborhood garage sales, and vintage furniture stores and shows how to gauge the potential of the curbside castoff.

Through twenty-five projects and a special section of basic techniques, BJ explains how a little loving care and a touch of elbow grease can transform the most forlorn-looking pieces into charming additions for all rooms of the home. Step-by-step instructions make it easy to follow her philosophy of restore, revive, and reuse. Why overlook a piece just because it has loose joints or a shaky leg? Minor fixes are easy to accomplish with a little craft know-how, and sometimes just a rigorous cleaning is all that's needed to unveil a prize find.

BJ carefully describes how to strip away layers of paint, smooth nicks and dents, and replace old stuffing and fabric. She also illustrates how simple it is to revive a piece by adding a painted pattern, some beveled mirror pieces, or a carved wooden molding. For example, a simple folding card table looks entirely different after BJ replaces its dull floral tabletop with new painted canvas. Finally, BJ demonstrates how to successfully reuse pieces with unexpected placement. For example, a bookcase with fresh detailing stands out as smart storage for a dining room, and a panel from an old upright piano makes waves as a headboard over a bed.

With projects that range from a new lamp to brighten a corner of a living room to a mirrored panel for sectioning off a study, Flea Market Makeovers balances the best of crafting with extremely chic results for every room of the home. Flea Market Makeovers makes it easy to spot the hidden gems with the acumen of a pro.