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Tecla I.

Publisher's Description

It is time to move beyond sausages and chicken legs for your BBQ. Finger food from the grill is a very different, inspiring idea. With chapter titles such as In the Fist, Impaled, On a Spoon, Rolled, and By the Way, you can start to guess how diverse the recipes in this book are.

These amazingly creative finger food recipes take their inspiration from the vibrant street food scene and present ideas for rolls, wraps, waffles, gyros, quesadilla, hotdogs, ribs, kebabs, gyoza, tataki, wings, pancakes, pulled meats, toasted sandwiches, and bruschetta, as well as salads, sauces, and dips to accompany these dishes.

The recipes can make ideal starters, small snacks, or form part of a multi-course menu. Every one shows how long it takes to prepare and there is a star system indicating the level of difficulty. Many recipes are easy, some are more sophisticated, but with the help of numerous tips and a little practice you will turn out success every time.

So if you tend towards the same old traditional fare at BBQ time
Finger Food From the BBQ and Grill is the remedy ...Let it seduce you with its experimental ideas.