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Our Review

Kim Thittichai's Experimental Textiles aims to take "a journey through design, interpretation and inspiration", turning textiles in to an art and not just a medium.

Part art book, part instructional, you will be guided through creating personalized designs, working with materials, choosing colours and constructing your own art pieces. The book also takes a full exploration through the world of textile art, featuring a wide range of pieces from dozens of artists.

Tassels by Sue Davis are both intricate and eye-catching, created from a mesh of jumbled materials. Eleanor Fielder's Ground Zero is a more controversial piece, depicting the scene at the twin towers on September 11th, using photographs from newspapers printed on to fabric. Using stitched magazines and newspapers to create a wreath, Company Man by Jill Flower is an interesting and colourful piece which would brighten up any wall. Offering a great introduction into the varied world of textile art, this book will have you hunting around for materials that you can reuse and give new life.

You can pick up a copy of the book from Experimental Textiles and Anova now.

Publisher's Description

Anyone who stitches and designs will welcome this much-needed work from best-selling author Kim Thittichai. Kim goes to the cutting edge, looking at the latest, most experimental techniques and materials for textile design and practice. Through exercises and inspirational examples from emerging artists, she takes you through the entire process, from finding an original idea to transforming the designs into finished textiles. Paper, felt, recycling, hand stitching, working in 3-D, layering different media, and more make this essential.