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Publisher's Description

Denim has always been universally cool, but the renaissance that this adaptable, comfortable, stylish fabric is now experiencing is unprecedented. Never before has the all-American blue jean had such infinite possibilities—both in how you wear it (as stylized jeans, belts, cuff bracelets, or bolero jackets), what you embellish it with (lace, appliqué, metallic braid, leather, paint, or bling), and the occasions it’s appropriate for (downtown partying or uptown dining).

But before you pay hundreds of dollars to get the latest denim looks (like celebs do), learn how you can actually create your own chic pieces from recycled denim in your closet, vintage stores, and thrift shops. In Denim Revolution, former Calvin Klein design assistant Nancy Minsky offers dozens of patterns for novices to experienced stitchers that fuse recycled denim with cool embellishments—mixing together old, new, vintage, antique, rugged, and modern to spice up your wardrobe. And you don’t have to be a master seamstress to get these fresh looks; many of the projects are designed for beginners and don’t even require a sewing machine. All have step-by-step instructions, sketches, and photographs to guide you.

In each of the six sections, you’ll find something to suit your personal style—be it “Denim Destroy Jeans” (for raw, reckless types), a twenty-first-century“Downtown Babe Jean Jacket” (for savvy city girls), “Alice in Wonderland Appliquéd Pedal Pushers” (for a feminine, spring look), or “Victorian Romance Lacy Cuffs” (for a fanciful bohemian flair). Not ready to take on a project from scratch? Then learn to artfully add wear and tear to jeans you already own or easily convert a pair into a skirt.

Also included: A sewing tutorial and tips and techniques on everything from cutting fur and fraying edges to embellishing denim with embroidery, other fabrics, ribbon, lace, or paint.