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Autumn L.
Kirsten Nunez

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With eye-popping colors and exciting designs, duct tape is the most versatile and fun crafting material around. Just fold, cut and stick to make amazing projects including:
• bracelets
• headbands
• sandals
• throw pillows
• party banners
• belts
• purses
• lunch bags
• flower pens



Double-sided strip
Unroll and measure a strip of tape. Cut it to the desired length and lay it sticky-side up
on your cutting mat. Cut another strip of tape the same length and place it directly on top of the first strip so that the sticky sides meet.

Double-sided fabric sheet
Create a single-sided fabric sheet in the desired size. Peel it up and flip it over so that
the sticky side is facing up. Cut additional strips of tape the same length. Starting at
the edge, lay a strip on top so that the sticky sides meet. Continue to overlap strips until
you have reached the other edge and all adhesive is covered, and trim the ends to their finished size.

Single-layer folded strap
Measure and cut a strip of tape to the desired length and place it sticky-side up on your cutting mat. Fold one side in toward the center almost halfway and press down firmly. Turn your tape strip around and fold the other side over, covering the first. Be sure not to fold past the edge of the first fold.

Double-layer folded strap
Create a single-layer folded strap. Cut a second strip of tape the same length and place it sticky side up. Lay the first strap down in the center of the sticky side. Fold in the sides to cover the original strap.

Trimming edges
Cut a strip of tape slightly longer than the edge you need to cover. Place the strip of tape halfway over one side of the edge. Flip the project over and fold the remaining tape down on the other side and trim the excess tape.

Wrapping corners
One great way to avoid loose, sticky edges is to wrap your corners. Begin with a strip that is at least 1 inch longer than your project on both sides. Place the strip halfway over the edge of the
finished side. Flip the project over. Cut a slit on the side that is even with the edge of your project and fold in. Repeat on the other end. Make angled cuts from the corners of your
project to the ends of the overhang and fold in the flap.


Ravens Trove
Ravens Trove · Wenatchee, Washington, US · 35 projects
OMG! I LOVE DUCT TAPE! I will so be buying this when I don't win! (claps hands excitedly like a little girl!)