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Ruth H.
Karen P.
Joanna W.

Publisher's Description

An inspiring collection of repeat crochet patterns, with both small and large geometric motifs, designed to not only release the reader's creativity but also relax the mind. By focusing on the repetitive rhythms of creating a crochet piece, stitch by stitch, the reader will unconsciously slow their breathing and heart rate, raise their serotonin levels and become calm - and have a unique item they've created themselves at the end of it! Art and craft therapist have long been aware that the act of creating has a healing effect on the mind. Add to this the tactile nature of crochet, the use of yarns in a range of pleasing colours and the ease with which you can lose yourself in the simple, repetitive act of crocheting, and this tarditional craft becomes a powerful tool in reducing stress and increasing feelings of well-being.