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Publisher's Description

Pre-empting problems as well as solving them, this book offers complete advice on tools and materials, trouble-shooting tips and step-by-step techniques. What do you do if your tension swatch just doesn't match the one on the pattern? Do you know what "working into the ring" means? How do you substitute yarns and what do you do if your border doesn't lie flat? Crochet From Start to Finish answers questions you didn't know you needed to ask, laying out best practice methods and taking the reader through every stage of the crochet process. Organized by the stages in a project, from choosing tools, through adding trims and embellishments to finishing, the content is presented so you have all the information you need before you get started and know exactly where to look when you get stuck. Illustrated entries and step-by-step tutorials cover every aspect and item in the crochet process. Cross-references take you between chapters so you can see how different aspects relate to each other, providing troubleshooting tips that offer advice on how to deal with virtually any crochet calamity.


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