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Our Review

Including everything you need to create elegant paper cut designs, Creating Kirigami is a must have kit for any papercraft lover.

The kit includes 50 sheets of colourful paper, 25 sheets of cardstock for making 3D kirigami and an illustrated book filled with all the techniques you need, with easy to follow step-by-step diagrams. Perfect for decorating your home, crafts and gifts, transform sheets of paper into a variety of designs including flowers, snowflakes, stars, diamonds and doilies.

Do something different with paper today and learn the intricate art of Kirigami!

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Publisher's Description

Grab a pair of scissors, a precision knife, a stylus, and some paper: It's kirigami time! With this book and kit, the ancient craft of cut-paper forms receives a thoroughly modern makeover that offers limitless possibilities. The guide instructs exactly how to fold the included colored paper, make careful snips and incisions, and open up the creations to reveal spheres, royal crosses, baroque swirls, Polynesian masks, honeycombs, and more. Then, follow the easy steps and helpful illustrations to build three-dimensional paper sculptures, like the Five-Pointed Star or the Autumn Leaves Doily.