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Emily T.
Sarah W.
Chloe L.

Publisher's Description

Taxidermy is back in fashion again. It seems that almost every bar, restaurant or new boutique you walk into these days sports the mounted head of some animal or other gazing down from on high. For those of us who are--for whatever reason--reluctant to decorate our walls with the heads of decapitated mammals, a happy alternative has finally presented itself. Now, using sewing, crochet, knitting and papier-mâché--and, in some cases, just cutting and pasting--the spirit of taxidermy can be summoned with none of the morbid overtones. Combining the twin pleasures of craft and taxidermy, Craftydermy presents the reader with a cabinet of curiosities to amuse, delight and inspire. Projects include a knitted fur stole, papier-mâché antlers, a crocheted moose head and a felt tiger rug. The book is edited by Tracey Benton, a well-known figure in the UK crafting community who runs the Atelier Gallery in Southwest England and has been curating and exhibiting the work of emerging craft-oriented artists--including ceramicists, textile artists and sculptors--for the past ten years. Fun and offbeat, Craftydermy follows on from--and has a similar tactile feel to--You Are Awesome: 21 Crafts to Make You Happy, and is sure to appeal to the gift/craft market.