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Meet the Author

Hey there, can you introduce yourself?

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Tell us a bit about the book?

Each of the 19 craft projects gives you a grand excuse to dip into some of your favorite stashes like paper, fabric, paints, rub-ons, stamps, ribbons and glitter. I have something for everyone - greeting cards, papercrafts, sewing projects, wallhangings, ornaments and more. The instructions are beginner-friendly if you want to follow my design choices, but the projects are also set up so you can go rogue and do it your way, too. There are chapters on my favorite craft tools, techniques and organization tips, plus some design basics so your craft projects will turn out fabulous! We all buy a ton of craft supplies, which makes us feel great, right? This book is my way of helping you enjoy the second half of that shopper's high by actually making something with what you buy.

What was the inspiration behind it?

The idea came to me while I was making a long drive to visit family. I was a little stressed about the mess my studio was in and I started thinking about how I wanted to clean and reorganize things. I was cursing myself for having so much stuff, but not doing enough with it. From there came the idea of designing projects with a particular kind of stash in mind, to get people thinking about making a dent in the stuff they already have.

Which is your favourite project?

Yikes – that’s Sophie’s Choice! I really do like them all, but the Mosaic Scrapbook layout is particularly special because it features a picture of my parents from 1960.

What is your craft space like?

I have a spare bedroom that I converted into a studio with lots of cabinets and countertops. All of the pictures in the chapter on organization were taken in my studio. My walls are covered with my every-growing collection of more than 300 artist trading cards that I have swapped over the years. They are such inspiring eye candy!

Have you always been creative?

Yes – I grew up with creativity all around me. My mother is an artist, my father was into DIY home improvement projects, my godparents did crafting and lapidary work, and my grandmother sewed and embroidered. I took art, craft and sewing classes as a kid, but then I was more interested in creative writing as a teenager. As a young adult, my career and social life took a front seat, so my creativity was more about hosting parties and entertaining. Both of my weddings were delightfully DIY from the invitations to the décor, party favors and flowers. Then it all really took off when I started working in the craft industry in 2006.

When did you first start crafting?

I have a bag full of drawings from elementary school that my mother saved – we had to toss out the bug-infested macaroni art, lol. I also still have the one and only dress I sewed for myself when I was maybe around 10 years old. All the embroidery projects I made as a kid for my mother and aunt are still displayed in their homes. I also have a pair of pretty realistic pencil portraits I drew of myself and my brother that I entered in an art show when I was in grade school – I must say, I still think they’re quite good whenever I come across them!

Who are your crafty heroes?

There are truly too many to name. As a Designer member of the Craft & Hobby Association, I have developed wonderful relationships with so many amazing craft industry professionals. I’ve also met so many wonderful crafters and bloggers through social media – the craft community is so supportive, we all love celebrating each other’s work. A few of the designers who have inspired me the most over the years reviewed an early draft of my book – their comments are excerpted on the back cover.

Where do you find inspiration?

Anywhere and everywhere! I write a column called Creative Space for Bella Crafts Quarterly magazine – in the Winter 2014 issue, I talked about finding creative inspiration in everyday places – in the home, outside in the neighborhood, from our emotions, even in the junk drawer. Of course there’s loads of inspiration online and in books, but I also like the challenge of being inspired by something more indirect or abstract. On the Bella blog, I have a weekly series of creative challenges based on that article, called 20 Ways to Inspire. I share a prompt and then show a project I made and describe how the prompt inspired me.

What's next for you?

In addition to promoting both of my new books, Craft Your Stash and also Stylish Craft Foam Projects, I’m also designing craft projects and providing marketing support for several clients. I also do a lot of writing and editing – l am the Senior Editor for the CraftFoxes blog and the Smoothfoam blog. I write a weekly arts column for my local news blog, and I write all the blog posts for a local art association and an art collective. So sadly, my own crafting blog and marketing blog are updated less frequently than I’d like. I am also noodling on ideas for a third book…fingers crossed!

Publisher's Description

The Creative Crafter's Guide to Getting More Out of Your Stash If you love crafting, you love craft supplies. You have an ever-increasing stash of fabulous fabric, paper, stamps, beads, ribbons, glitter, paints, and more. But if your treasure trove has grown so much that every bin, box, and closet is overflowing, it may be time to stop collecting and start creating! This ultimate craft supply hoarder s guide is packed with creative inspiration and ideas for getting the most out of your craft supply stash. Use this book to take control of your crafting life and start using your materials like a pro. Whether you use a dedicated craft room or just a corner of the kitchen table, you ll learn how to maximize your space, manage your materials, and make time to make. Author Lisa Fulmer reveals the secrets of creative crafters, from organization and color theory to basic techniques. She challenges you to use up what you ve got on hand, with creative stash-busting projects organized by stash type. -Tips for storing and organizing craft supplies in any size space -Creative stash-busting projects to use up what you ve got on hand -basic techniques that every crafter needs to know -Tips on color theory and creating balance and texture -How to use all of your crafting materials like a pro