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Sammi C

Sample Projects

Half Finger Glove

Half Finger Glove

This last glove project is a bit of a tour de force, rounding out the mitten and glove techniques presented so far.

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Publisher's Description

Circular knitting has many benefits, including making it easier to follow charts (with the right-side of the work always facing you) and eliminating the need for seams. And it's fun! In Circular Knitting Workshop, master teacher Margaret Radcliffe covers everything you need to know to master the art of circular knitting, presenting Fair Isle, twined, helix, tubular, and other classic techniques in detailed step-by-step photographic sequences. Thirty-five demonstration projects let you try out each technique on a mini sock, hat, bag, mitten, sweater, or vest before applying it to a larger project. Radcliffe even shows you how to easily convert patterns written for straight needles to circular.