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If you're a lover of all things sparkly and divine, Cartier & America is an elegant book showcasing 100 years of designs by the world famous jewellers.

Since the House of Cartier first opened its Manhattan doors in 1910, the glitterati and celebrities alike have adorned themselves with the jewellers brooches, tiaras, rings, necklaces, diamonds and more. Providing a detailed history along with hundreds of eye-catching images, the books looks at Cartier through the decades, from their art deco styles to pre & postwar fashions.

Detailled and stunning, this book is sure to catch the eye of anyone who enjoys the finer things in life.

You can pick up a copy of the book now from Prestel.

Publisher's Description

As opulent as the treasures it
celebrates, this lavish volume
presents Cartier s timeless designs
worn by some of the twentieth
century s most legendary figures. It s been one hundred years since the House of Cartier opened
its doors on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Since then the luxury
jeweler has been creating exquisite brooches, bracelets, tiaras,
timepieces, and other items including scent bottles, so-called
mystery clocks, and handbags many of them specially
commissioned by their illustrious patrons.
Readers will see up close Gloria Swanson's bracelets from
Sunset Boulevard, Douglas Fairbanks s elegant watch, the
Duchess of Windsor s panther brooch, and Grace Kelly s 10.47-
carat diamond engagement ring, as well as items owned by
Marion Davies, Vivien Leigh, Barbara Hutton, and Elizabeth
Taylor. Author Martin Chapman offers an in-depth exploration
of how Cartier conquered America, from its European birth in
1847 to its arrival on the other side of the Atlantic, and from its
whimsical Art Deco creations to the red carpet prominence
that linked the name Cartier with fame, wealth, and exclusivity.
In addition to stunning color images of each object, the book
features photographs of stars and heiresses wearing their
Cartier jewelry. A beautiful volume for fashion aficionados, this
trove of jewelry is a tribute to Cartier s ingenuity and
unmatched craftsmanship.