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Candles add the finishing touches to any home and create a relaxing atmosphere, no matter where the location. Now you can create your own with the help of Elaine Stavert and melt a candle for every occasion.

Including all the basics along with detailed information on ingredients and herbs as well as a guide to colour therapy, you can tailor candles to meet your specific needs. Make a Green Tea cup candles, an extravagant Sundae Best ice cream-shaped candle, Dine With Me candle sticks, candles in the sand and many more.

With 30 unique recipes, you can make a candle for every room of the house.

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Publisher's Description

The rewards of making your own candles are many: it's a pleasant, easy craft activity for young and old; the results are attractive and practical; and homemade candles make distinctive gifts for all occasions. Based on charming English candle-making traditions, this delightfully inviting book offers a complete course in the craft, with a variety of projects including pillar, floating, votive, multi-wick, tea light, dipped, and rolled candles. Detailed information is given on a range of wicks, essential oils, colors, and perfumes, and advice on how to create unique blends to satisfy individual tastes.