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Pretty in pink and filled with dozens of mouthwatering desserts, Cake Chic by Peggy Porschen is a recipe book sure to tempt any sweet tooth.

Promising stylish cookies and cakes for all occassions, the book is filled with page after page of delicious recipes. For a small treat, bake some stylish Silhouette Cookies, dainty vintage Cameo Cakes, and super pretty Cherry Blossom Bites, or if you want to celebrate lavishly, enjoy a four-tier Summer Symphony cake, Parisian inspired Pink Poodle Cake or Couture Hat Boxes. You may not be able to afford the jewelry, but a Tiffany Pearls cake is just as eye catching.

Celebrate in style, brighten up someone's day or treat yourself with an incredibly classy dessert. C

heck out a sample project from the book, Cherry Blossom Bites. You can pick up a copy of the book from Quadrille now. Cake Chic by Peggy Porschen, published by Quadrille, £20.00

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