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Publisher's Description

Grab your cord and jump into the latest trend in jewelry making. A simple trip to the hardware store, camping store, and now crafting store can provide you with everything you need to make the cutest, most colorful, most creative jewelry ever! Bungee Band Bracelets & More: 12 Projects to Make with Bungee Band and Paracord explodes with fun jewelry-making ideas that are perfect for men and women, boys and girls, and the young and young at heart. With just the simplest materials—bungee cords, paracords (parachute cords), and your imagination—these funky designs can be ready to wear just in time for the season.

Dubbed as one of the hottest crafting trends, making jewelry with bungee cords and paracords is unlike anything you’ve done before. Now, in this step-by-step instructional booklet, you’ll discover basic bracelet patterns, plus you’ll learn to make 12 original projects including:

    Ball Chain Bracelet
    Three Finial Bangles
    Friendship Bracelet
    Nautical Bracelet
    Bib Necklace
    Sunburst Necklace
    And more!

Textured, colorful, bold, woven, and totally interesting, jewelry made with “cords” offers you all kinds of design possibilities. Bungee Band Bracelets & More, with 25 inspiring photos to show you just how it’s done, is all you need to perfect this innovative crafting technique.