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Creature of Whim

Meet the Author

Hey there, can you introduce yourself?

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Creative All Sorts, crafter, dress-maker, fashion designer, and artist.  I love to work with my hands, create, make and share. Be it making a dress for myself, a home made wedding garter for a friend, a home-made cake for my mother, or home-made birthday gifts, I love to craft!

Tell us a bit about the book?

I wanted to create a fun book, that could not only indroduce beginners to the world of sewing and dress-making, but would also be able to inspire those with some skills or more advance skills to pattern-making and the craft of fashion design, beyond sewing. So the book does get pretty advance with the instructions on pattern-adaption.

What was the inspiration behind it?

I was inspired by teaming together my fashion design background as well as the DIY seamstress that I have a always been. I wanted to give designers and dress-makers more tools with design background information to help them go beyond just following basic instructions, so they can think for themselves, and see being creative is something everyone can do!

Which is your favourite project?

I think it would be the Blue Jeans to Princess Dreams*

Everyone loves up-cycling, and I think this is a fun project to inspire the reader that you don't need to go out and spend money on new fabric or always follow a pattern.

I hope this inspires some other fun garments up-cycled from demin, and I would love people to share their projects with me!

What is your craft space like?

Given that I move all the time, so does my work space. I think my fav spot was last year when I was living in Bed-Sty in Brooklyn in NYC.
I had a lovely space with a skylight, I love natural light pouring down when I am working.

I found a large table top in the street that I used for my work surface on top of an old roller table, and kept all my patterns in a vintage cupboard (found in the hall way of my last apt), which I painted on the inside: zebra print!

I like my creative space to be clean tidy, but with some fun home-made creative elements to keep me inspired.

Have you always been creative?

Being creative is 100% in me. It is the only way I know. from home-made gifts, to cooking up home-made creative recipes, I love the DIY lifestyle.
Whether it is making dresses, painting, decorating, I love to DIY it all.. and love to be hands on.. I can't sit still! Ask my family, I drive them mad!

When did you first start crafting?

I've always been a crafter, ever since I was at school a a child.

Who are your crafty heroes?

I love Martha Stewart, and as a teen was always reading Good House Keeping, which my friends thought was a lil weird!  But I found it super inspiring.

Where do you find inspiration?

I love reading craft magazines, checking out Nylon and Bust magazine for the left of center styles and DIY ideas. I also follow a bunch of random blogs online.. it is good to see what people are up to around the world.

What's next for you?

Having had somewhat of a career change, I am now in Dubai, and teach FlyBarre at FlyWheel Dubai, also a personal trainer. I reckon my next book is going to be a DIY-fitness & healthy living lifestyle book!.. watch this space! :)

Publisher's Description

In this fun, hip, easy-to-follow guide, Project Runway contestant Buffi Jashanmal shows you how to design and make your own custom-fitted dresses from start to finish. You’ll learn how to create custom patterns for three basic dress shapes – the shift, the sheath, and the princess seam – and how to make them rock by exploring nine variations for each basic shape. Buffi also shows you how to revamp secondhand and vintage dresses, for a total of 30 unique and stylish dress designs. Your dresses will fit your body, suit your taste, and express your individual style like nothing you can buy in a store!


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Can't wait to look through it!