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Our Review

January is the perfect time to make a change for the better and bring a bit of glamour in to your life. Brini Maxwell's Guide To Gracious Living is the ideal book to get you started.

Focusing on the day-to-day, entertaining, travel and occasions, this book is focused on helping you make the most of everything you have and everything you do. Find tips for decorating and adding a bit of retro style to your home, with practical advice on cleaning and de-cluttering; put together a balanced diet or perfect your beauty routine; and learn how to be the most fabulous hostess with party games, nibbles and drinks.

The book contains numerous recipes, including a guide to making your own lemonade, a delicious Banana & Strawberry Smoothie, and family favorites, such as a scrumptious Potato Salad. There's even a selection of crafty tutorials for making gifts for your loved ones. So get 2009 off to a flying start and "make your life bloom."

You can pick up a copy of the book from Brini Maxwell's website or Amazon now.

Publisher's Description

Who can turn the world on with her style? Brini can! In the first season of her hugely popular show on the Style Network, domestic diva Brini Maxwell made a big splash with her unparalleled personal flair and novelty know-how. Now, just in time for the second season of "The Brini Maxwell Show," this up-and-coming icon of retro classic style has created a fun and fabulous guide to living the beautiful life, welcoming readers into the colorful, upbeat world that has already won her a cult following.

Here Brini offers her favorite tips, tricks, and ideas for decorating, cooking, dressing, entertaining, and even housekeeping with spirit and panache. She approaches every challenge on the domestic front-from how to perk up a room to what to eat for breakfast to how to pack a suitcase-with a winning combination of creativity, élan, and resourcefulness. Designed with the same hip, mid-century modern look as her television show, the book includes more than 100 household hints and recipes, funky full-color illustrations, and photographs of Brini in action. Brini Maxwell's Guide to Gracious Living is sure to bring a host of new fans to this offbeat goddess of stylish domesticity.