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Publisher's Description

Kelley Deal has two lives: as lead guitarist of the band The Breeders, she spends late nights in the recording studio, long hours on the tour bus, and evenings basking in bright stage lights and the roar of the crowd. But she also has a passion for knitting?especially one-of-a-kind bags as unique as her music. Tag along with Kelley as she gives you a privileged backstage pass to her cool rock-n-roll world and her knitted bag obsession.
Knitters of all skill levels will enjoy the invitation, because they’ll get to explore Kelley’s stylish choices of fibers and gear (needles, stitch holders) and get the lowdown on bag-specific features, including frames, straps, and linings. Kelley walks them through all the basics on felting, blocking, joining seams, simple crochet and embroidery embellishments, and 20 fabulous projects, each with its own ?remix” variation. They include a retro-chic ?Laura Petrie” felted tote bag in a very modern colorblock design; a runway-ready Prada lookalike with a silver and black metallic cord and skeleton key (plus gothic variant with mini handcuffs); and one that even sports drum-head hardware and a bass-guitar string! Since they’re all photographed in the studio, surrounded by instruments and equipment, you’ll feel as if you’re right there, one of the band. Kelley’s personal anecdotes and rock-star stories add to the fun.