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Interior designer, Abigail Ahern, reveals her insider secrets in a girl friendly DIY & design book, titled A Girl's Guide To Decorating. Bright & colourful, the book offers practical solutions for revamping your home and creating stylish spaces.

Filled with tips and tricks to transform every room of the house - plan out your space, get to grips with tools, choose colours, get the most out of small rooms, light dark areas, create the illusion of depth with mirrors, and give yourself more storage space with shelving.

Whether creating a brand new room or sprucing up an old space, this book is a brilliant introduction to the world of interior design. Filled with interior eye candy, browse through hundreds of real life examples and get inspiration and ideas to use in your own home.

You can pick up a copy of the book from Quadrille now.

Publisher's Description

A Girl's Guide to Decorating is a hip, practical decorating guide full of insider advice, cool and original ideas, fabulously glossy photography and clever tips for turning your space into a fabulous stylish pad - without spending a lot of money. Internationally renowned designer and stylist Abigail Ahern imparts her expertise on all aspects of home decoration - from the initial planning of a space to make it work for you, right through to the small details that will add a touch of glamour and make it unique. Abigail includes simple suggestions for how to approach every room in your house and all major decorating techniques are fully explained - from hanging wallpaper and painting walls, windows and doors, to creating shelving and achieving different lighting effects. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions and accompanying photography will inspire you to try your hand at every suggestion. Chapters are based around the fundamental elements of home design: space, colour, light, texture and the individual touches that make it your own. Abigail encourages you to be brave with colour and pattern and to make a bold statement with your home. With Abigail's insider knowledge, you can effortlessly turn something cheap from the high street into a unique and luxurious focus piece. With her low cost tips and idea adding instant glamour that are super easy to put into practice, Abigail proves that style has nothing to do with money.