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Sarah W.
Olivia D.

Publisher's Description

Of all the wonderful things that Italy has given the world, nothing is quite as special as a dish of perfectly prepared pasta. In 500 Pasta Dishes the wonderful versatility of pasta is revealed through history and a wonderful collection of recipes that include: baked pasta, stuffed pasta, fresh pasta, dried durum-wheat pasta, gluten-free pasta, whole-wheat pasta, pasta soups, pasta salads, and ideas for using leftovers. Handy tips on pasta making and pairing the right shape with the right sauce are included. The book contains both familiar recipes (some with a novel or speedy twist) and a selection of more unusual recipes that draw on international cuisine and contemporary palates. The emphasis is on creativity, easy-to-find ingredients, and straightforward instructions. Experienced cooks will find new inspiration, and novice cooks will discover that success can come with every meal.