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Publisher's Description

How to create artisanal-quality cheeses, butters and yogurts.

Homemade cheeses can easily surpass any commercially made cheese. In fact, the techniques used in home brewing, canning, pickling and wine making are quite similar to those needed to make cheese. More than ever, home cheese-making supplies and equipment are easy to find, and the only other requirement is a kitchen.

The recipes in this book feature step-by-step instructions that eliminate all the guesswork. From cleaning to sterilization, every technique and process is explained clearly so that even a novice can create artisanal-quality cheeses. The book describes all cheese types and families, ripening and aging techniques and the kinds of milk and other components needed. The recipes feature:

  • Spreadables -- cream cheese, cottage cheese, ricotta, mascarpone
  • Stretched cheeses -- mozarella, bocconcini, provolone
  • Mold-ripened cheeses -- Brie, Camembert, Valencay
  • Blue cheeses -- Roquefort, Stilton, Gorgonzola
  • Washed rind cheeses -- St. Paulin, Oka, brick
  • Hard cheeses -- cheddar, Gruy�re, Parmesan
  • Ethnic and specialty cheeses -- haloumi, queso blanco, paneer, feta.
  • Recipes for yogurts, kefirs, butters and buttermilk, as well as recipes that feature the homemade cheeses, round out the collection.