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Pixels are almost too small to notice on a computer screen but artists across the globe have been giving them the recognition they deserve and using their simplistic concept to create 1 x 1: Pixel-Based Illustration & Design.

This colourful book showcases hundreds of pixel-inspired artworks, from real-life interpretations to computer-created designs. Pieces include geeky avatars, buildings where lit windows create pixel-like images, cross-stitched crafts, computer games, fonts and patterns. The book comes complete with a CD filled with pixel-based music to listen to while your browse.

A fantastic title for geeks everywhere, this book will inpsire you to view those tiny pixels that make up your desktop with new eyes.

You can pick up a copy of the book from Mark Batty Publisher now.

Publisher's Description

1×1 refers to the creation of images using pixels – picture elements – the smallest-sized element that shows up on a computer screen. With the growth of the Internet and computer game design, pixel art has become increasingly mainstream and is now used widely in print media and advertising.

1x1: Pixel-Based Illustration and Design is an arresting, colorful, and inspiring global survey of a new genre of art, one which is influencing the future of design and art today. It is from pixels that the more than seventy designers and artists featured in this book create icons, characters, games, illustrations, and animation. Over 2000 of their illustrations are featured here, making this a must-have for any graphic designer or computer gaming artist.

More than 2000 color illustrations. Includes music and software CD.


Irene M.
Irene M.
It seems to me that ordinary people have already stopped paying attention to the pixels. Of course, they think about them when they buy a new TV, phone or download a new screensaver on desktop, but the designers will never forget about this and this book is the proof. Once a friend told me that there is an artist who paints pixel pictures. I think this is an interesting idea. And I wanted to run to <a href=""></a> and ask them to create a new pixel design for my company.

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