Swaps on CO+K: Can I get your opinion on a few ideas?

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Hi All,
I was most surprised to get this thread in my e-mail box today.After some technical issues I stopped using the site some years ago but can confirm we still keep in loose contact in other ways through Pinterest and Facebook at personal level to support each other.
As regards swapping I totally agree with libby about the current pandemic situation.How ever I do belong to an Monthly International Playing Card Swap which is hosted on FB and open you could contact them.
I have current just started a MA in Humanitarian and Peacekeeping studies at Brookes University virtually from Seattle,Washington and and working with the Teaching Artist Guild to explore core competencies.Cat International Teaching Artist Community are in based in Scotland and are doing great global work.So I am really not in a position to host or participate in swaps currently.I am also exploring my own business model currently but it's great to see that people will need to stay connected in these challenging days and making connects us all.

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