Riechans world (dawanda shop)

I have some questions and maybe you guys can help ;)
I have a dawanda shop called Riechans world
I haven't sold a single thing since I started it.
Is it me? Are my products not well enough?
Is that pricing not right? I know there aren't much products but I am working on somethings ;)
like crochet headbands and hairpieces
here's the link:

hope you guys can help Happy

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2 replies since 11th August 2009 • Last reply 11th August 2009

I saw your shop and it's all cute stuff!! The problem with these types of sites is that most crafters are there to sell as well, so they won't buy much. Everything looks good, but to get sales you have to advertise your shop yourself, the other problem. You can't just "list it and they will buy it", you have to let people know you have it to sell. Pass out business cards, tell family, friends and whoever else you can think of (word of mouth is good too), flyers, promotions, whatever you can think of, even wear some of your stuff as advertisement. Get it visible to customers by letting them know where to find it.
Hope that helps and good luck!!!

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i know how it is. i only made 2 sales since i opened mine. but they were from 2 friends from here Happy i wish you luck on your store. hope it will pick up mine i really need to sale everything bad!!

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