Need quick gift ideas!

I'm going home to Minnesota soon after spending almost 2 months visiting my parents in Pennsylvania.

I've been away from my fiance and it's been really tough to deal with, so I want to get a present that I can give to him when I get home. I just want to give him something little that'll put a smile on his face.

I've also not gotten to see my best friend from South Dakota in two months, and I want to bring back some kind of souvenir for her--again, something little as I'm not one for huge gifts. I've just never really bought souvenirs from a state I grew up in so I'm lost on what people really expect. I mean, PA isn't very exotic. lol

Any ideas? I feel lost on this.

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Get something cheesy that just screams Penn! lol I was born and raised in Idaho, but my family still thinks its funny to buy and send me stuff that they probably found in a truck stop gift isle. Its always funny and its not like I ever feel weird that they are sending me gifts, because they are usually small and funny, nothing ever big or spendy.
Another great idea is something edible for your friend, if she isn't big in to spontaneous gifts. idk what Penn is famous for, but Idaho is famous for Potatoes so I love buying this candy called "Idaho Spuds" and giving them to friends! Or when I lived in upstate NY I'd give people real Maple syrup or a local wine, because they are both amazing.
For your man, maybe you could just plan a date night, like dinner and a movie, even if that means cooking dinner at home and renting a show. My hubby is always having to leave and go places for the army, sometimes is a few months, sometimes its a year, lol. But he loves just normal date nights. So maybe you could pick him up something small, and then also plan on doing something cool together as a date Happy

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