Angry Birds?

Does anyone know of a pattern for the birds or of a good tutorial on how to sew them? I think that they would make a great gift! Especially if I could make blocks to go with them so that it's like a real version of the game! Any help is greatly appreciated!


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I just searched on this website so here are the links, ignore them if you looked already: (very plain, fairly flat, sewing) (green pig, round, crocheting) (same as the one before but the red bird) (bomb bird)

Thats all for CO&K, If you want a mini-set go here: (made with pom-poms) (This is crocheting also, I think, and has a link to the pattern) (Here is the green pig, sewed, with a tutorial) (Here is sort of what you where looking for, but no sewing, mostly paper crafting and gluing, no sewing.)
OK, I found what you need now! Well the birds anyways. They all have patterns, found at the top of the page, the rest is other stuff so keep to the top.

As for the blocks, I do have a link, but not exactly. It shows you how to make the cube. So skip the color square part and make the cube.

I hope I helped, I tried really hard!! So, yeah, hope I helped Happy Tell me if any of the links you need don't work, I can looks 'em up again Happy

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