Gift for a mom-away-from-home?

I have a friend who, since I started talking to her a few months ago, has been like a second mom to me since I moved to SD about a year and a half ago and don't get to see my real family that much since they're in PA.
She likes: horses, RPGs, card games, handmade jewelry, and her favorite color is powder blue but she likes dark purple as well. She's also got a cat named Mandrake that she loves a lot.
I've already been making her lots of jewelry on commission since her house burned down 10 years ago and jewelry was something she hasn't been able to get back until now. When her house burned down, she lost custody of her kids and won't get to live with her youngest son until he turns 18. I've kindof been a stand-in daughter and best friend to her since I make extra time for her every week.
Like I said, she's like a mom and also like a best friend to me, so I want to do something great for her birthday which is the 26th this month.
I want to make her jewelry, but she'll already have another 2 sets from me by the time her birthday rolls around... so I don't want to give her too much of one thing. I would love to make her some soaps but she just ordered a custom batch from me so she's set on that for a few months.

Some ideas I have in mind: a semiprecious stone "friendship" jewelry set with earrings and a necklace that we'll both have, maybe a handmade cat toy for her special kitty, a horse-themed charm bracelet (but I don't know if she likes bracelets), maybe a bath set with salts and some shea butter lotion...
Basically, I have a ton of ideas but don't know which would be best. I'm almost tempted to make everything!

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everything sounds nice!
i like the matching friendship ring idea, and cat toy if the cat will use it (i know a cat who has no interest in toys at all, only dreamies, you could give the cat dreamies if you have them in america)
if she likes card games you could make her something to store cards in, or get her some cards and poker chips/fake money. in my family we use fake plastic coins when we play card games, its not to gamble, just to keep count and see who is the winner with the most coins, denomination doesn't matter. i know this is a bit of a late reply, being the 26th but no one else had replied, and it is probably earlier then midnight in america, 4pm ish?

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Well, it's the 27th now, but that's fine since I'll be seeing her today. I usually see her on Fridays.
I think I'm going to make us each a bracelet and earrings from sage amethyst beads that I got a while ago. I'm sure I'll think of something else right as I'm about to sleep, too!

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