Homemade gift ideas for my cousin's birthday?

I have literally two dollars. But anyways, my cousin's birthday is on Sunday (Easter Sunday) and I need a homemade gift idea. We are both girls, she is turning 14 (I think, pretty sure) And she is the kind of person who likes a ton of weird things, doesn't have one big interest and keeps herself hidden most of the time. We have a lot of inside jokes. Like we watched the ASDF videos together, and she likes the one with the doctor and the guy where he throws up rainbows every where. She also has a pet chinchilla that she loves to death. She plays piano, but I don't know if she is passionate about it. She is a vegetarian. Oom, No sports as far as I know, she is in girl scouts. I didn't want to cook her anything since I have to give it to her on Easter all of our smaller cousins and mischievous uncles would eat it, heh heh. I cannot get her to tell me what kind of music she likes, she says she likes everything. So I am making her a mix CD, or at least trying with a lot of genre. I made the cover ASDF themed. I was thinking of making her a shirt to go with the CD, with an Andy Warhol Pop Art of chinchilla, like four pictures of the same chinchilla in a square with different colors. I think she would like that. So if I do that, I have to use my two dollars to buy a blank tee-shirt and hope to find contact paper. I didn't want to do the tee shirt with ASDF cause I don't want people to think she is promoting her lesbianism (she isn't a lesbian, but I don't want people to think she is, what with all the rainbow.) I really can't think of anything. I was thinking possibly themed crayon art, or maybe a collage, but I still need a lot of pictures for that. Possibly something out of clay. She told me her favorite color is orange. It is funny, we are really close, but I hardly know her. Her bedroom doesn't tell much about her, it is kinda little kid themed, like she didn't get rid of kid stuff yet. OOH one time we watched half of the Marble Hornet stuff together, and we got super scared!! We kept trying to re-assure each other he wasn't real and stuff.

Sorry this is so long, I keep a lot of detail in my head, at least I try. I appreciate all of the ideas you give and no idea is a bad one really. I hope all you crafty people can help me out, and thank you in advance Happy

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Make some kind of jewelry. When I was 14, I always struggled to find jewelry that was really unique... and all 14 year olds want is stuff that no one else will have that they'll get tons of compliments on.
Most jewelry supplies are pretty cheap and very accessible.
If you're sticking to your $2 budget, check out http://dollarstorecrafts.com - there are always TONS of fantastic gift ideas that range from free to $5.
I wouldn't worry about people thinking she's a lesbian just because she loves rainbow type things. People are born to love different colors. Hell, my dad is almost 53 and admits to enjoy all of the colors of the rainbow and he has 0 homosexual tendencies.
If you're looking for good places to find crafting supplies, try thrift stores--you never know what kind of cool stuff could be hiding in them. A $2 chunk of old discarded and tangled necklaces could make 10-20 new pieces of jewelry.

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I reckon you should make something for her chinchilla. I used to have guinea pigs which I absolutely ADORED.
Look up some stuff that chinchilla's like to play with... I know this seems like you're giving something to her pet, not her but if she really loves her chinchilla she should be happy.
Make a miniature hammock or something...
If you did have more money I would suggest making a scrapbook. Do you have pictures of both you guys? Or her at least? Stick them into a scrapbook with decorative stickers and small memos. And then put in all the other stuff she likes...chinchillas, playing the piano...ORANGE things.

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