mums 50th birthday present... please help me with ideas!

My mums 50th birthday is coming up, and I want to make her something really special.
I suffer with CFS, and she quit work a year ago to help care for me whilst i'm trying to recover, and keep up with my school work.
I want to make her something she can show off to her friends, not a joke present, because she's really supportive of my sewing and crafting.

I thought about making her an item of clothing, but I couldn't be sure of sizing, and at the moment she's favouring chunky knits to anything else, and I can't knit and don't have time to learn.
I can sew, and have a sewing machine, I can also make jewelry, but I'm not sure it would be much of a large, special present.
I do a lot of general crafting too, but I cant knit, crochet, needle felt or draw, paint etc.
She's also trying to minimize our home a bit, to I dont really want to make her something to frame or display.
This is so hard!
I was considering a bag, but I haven't found any patterns that I think challenge my skills and she'd like yet...

Does anyone have any ideas?
Much apprietiacted, thankyou :3

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You could try scrapbooking -- make her a little booklet about you and her. I'm sure she'd appreciate it. And if you put that inside a bag you made her, it would be extra special.

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That's a lovely idea Savalou, that would be a nice thing. You can get a scrapbook and just scrapbook some memtos and photos and write little things or memories of the two of you. Or you could get your scrapbook and create a story of you and your mum whislt scrapbooking some bits and pieces that will fit into the story.

If you can't think of one BIG item, you can always make lots of little items, perhaps??

If you want to make a bag I guess it depends on the type of bag you wanted to make, BUT there are lots of tote bag tutorials on here (just search tote bag).

If she's trying to minimise the house, maybe a good thing could be to either recycle/recon some stuff, or to make something that would help to keep the house more organised and clutter free?

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